Why Partner With Career Design?

Career Design offers personalized hiring solutions to clients in Japan. Our candidates are high-class professionals who seek out career consultation, typically in the form of information related to roles, companies, and industries. In the process of consultation, many inquire about new career opportunities. For our clients, this is an excellent opportunity to receive exposure to a passive candidate. If the role aligns with the experience and goals of our candidates, then we could make an introduction, potentially introducing a profile as soon as the same day.

Benefits of a Career Design Partnership

1. Career consultants to thousands of passive candidates

First and foremost, Career Design is a career consultancy business for bilingual candidates in Japan. As such, candidates typically prefer to contact us for market or role information before considering changing jobs. When the time does come to make a career decision, our consultants help candidates find the best match among our clients based on their goals and aspirations.

2. Deep professional relationships with candidates

Throughout the career consultation process, a high level of trust is often built between our candidates. Our client recommendations are valued by our candidates because we act with integrity and communicate in an honest and transparent fashion, true to our company values.

3. Japan market experts

Career Design views every career consultation meeting as an opportunity to not only learn about our candidates, but also to learn about the current state of the Japan market, employers, and roles. By collating all of this information, we can better understand where the best opporuntities would be for our candidates, enabling us to make informed recommendations for future career opportunities.

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