Bilingual Career Consulting

Career Design provides career consultation services to bilingual candidates in Japan.

Discuss Your Career Goals and Aspirations


Do you want to be promoted to a director-level role?

Skill Up

Do you want to learn people management skills?

Career Progression

Do you want to increase your responsibilities?


Do you want to earn a higher salary and bonus?


Do you want to challenge yourself professionally?


Do you want to work for a new company?

Gain career clarity

Our career consultants will gladly discuss the current state of the job market – including industry and role specifics, new career opportunities that align with your goals and aspirations, and other general advice that will help to provide career clarity.

Successful Job Change Stories

Pharmaceutical Professional

I worked at a domestic pharmaceutical company in Japan for 15 years. My career was stable but I didn't feel challenged anymore. When I was contacted by Career Design, they made me realize I was undervalued and underutilized. I then interviewed with two companies that were recommenced. Thankfully, I was able to successfully change to a global biopharmaceutical company in an elevated role with more responsibility, including communicating with global HQ in America.
I.T. Professional

My former colleague referred me to Career Design. The idea of working with a career consultant was new to me since I had been with my employer for over 20 years. After having a casual meeting, I was pleasantly surprised to find out how many options were available to me at my age of 53. I was most interested by the idea of working at a startup that needed senior leadership. My Career Design consultant prepared me for the interview and everything went great. I took the job offer and am very happy in my new role.